Welcome to Rock of Agers

Welcome to Rock of Agers

Friday, September 16, 2016

In the Hall: What Highlights Will You Find?

Like so many members of the Baby Boomer generation, music - specifically rock and its related siblings country, blues, soul, gospel, and jazz - has played a central role in my life and the society surrounding it.
Cleveland DJ Alan Freed, who is credited with popularizing the term rock and roll, also is acknowledged to have staged the first rock concert on March 21, 1952. On March 26, of that same year I was born, meaning that rock music, which has shaped me in so many ways, predates my arrival on the planet by only 5 days.
Recently, I visited the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland for 2 days of exploration and research. In this ongoing series of posts entitled In the Hall, I will offer some glimpses of what you can find there if you too (or U2 in rock lingo) do visit the national mecca of rock history.

 Among the highlights in the 6 stories of exhibitions are:
  • The Roots of Rock
  • Elvis
  • The Places and Sounds the Define Rock
  • Legends of Rock and Roll
  • Dick Clark's American Bandstand
  • Right Here, Right Now
  • The Music of Cleveland and the Midwest
  • The Early Influences
  • The Beat Goes On (artists who inspired the inductees)
  • Don't Knock the Rock (protests against rock and roll)
  • On the Air: Rock and Roll Radio
  • Rapper's Delight (the story of Hip-Hop)
  • Architects of Rock and Roll 
  • Video Killed the Radio Star
  • Experience the Music
  • Inductees Film
  • Inductees Signatures
  • Inductees Jukebox
  • Several movies and
  • Changing Special Exhibitions (currently, the major exhibit is Louder Than Words: Rock * Power* Politics)
Have you visited the Rock Hall? If you have, what did you enjoy most?

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