Welcome to Rock of Agers

Welcome to Rock of Agers

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Jam Band Joy - I Do a Little Phishing in Atlanta

Ben Mortensen (on left), my DC buddy Skip Vachon, and a new Phish friend
While there are many outstanding jam bands following in that tradition established by The Grateful Dead, one of the best and most popular in the 4-member group from Vermont known as Phish.

In fact, there are many ties between the Dead and Phish. When the members of the Dead decided to play their final shows billed as the Grateful Dead, they asked Phish leader and guitarist Trey Anastasio to replace the late, great Jerry Garcia as lead guitarists for the concerts.

Earlier this week, Bobby Weir of the Dead sat in with Phish for 6 songs at the first of the group's 2 Nashville shows.

The fans for both the bands are as much a part of the show as the music and the psychedelic light shows. Just like it was for the Dead, spending time before and after a show with the legions of Phish fans, many of whom follow the group on the road, is an integral part of the total experience.

Yesterday, I attended the 2nd of 2 Phish shows here in Atlanta with my DC friend Skip Vachon and his traveling buddy from Colorado, Ben Mortensen. Skip and Ben saw 7 shows on the current tour: 2 in Charlotte, 1 in Jacksonville, 2 in Nashville (including the history-making Bob Weir appearance) and 2 in Atlanta.

Here are some shots of Phish fans and their encampment ...

... And here are some words about Phish and the Atlanta show

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